brian forsyth bailey

brian forsyth bailey

  •  This book was released to the tea party patrots after it was determined i have never been a criminall and was admitted as a member..  I submitted this document to a collection of moral and ethical people who thought their govt might be out of control.   Not tea baggers……………..and therefore its protected free speach. I have never been charged with anything nor have my twice levied charges been answered by anyone……………. Please read this book. IT IS PART OF AMERICAS RECORDED HISTORY



2 Responses to “brian forsyth bailey”

  1. brian forsyth bailey Says:

    MY BOOK—–INDIVIDUAL vs.”the peoples”

  2. brian forsyth bailey Says:

    INDIVIDUAL vs “the peoples” book published on google+ platform. It’s an interesting commentary on contemporary zionist-christian governance but more importantly how individuals can hopefully realize how powerful they really are.

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